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- Free Sailboat Plans -

Complete plan packages for selected sailboat designs are available as PDF downloads free of charge. The free plan packages include a 60 foot cold molded wood Skerry Cruiser, a 39 foot plywood sloop, a 28 foot strip planked full displacement sailing yacht, two 28 foot fiberglass day sailer / pocket cruisers, and a 42 foot fiberglass sloop. More yacht designs may be added to this site as time goes by. You may use the plans for any purpose with no restrictions. The full size prints measure 24 inches by 36 inches, so you will need to have them printed by a reprographics business. Reduced size drawings printed on 11 inch by 17 inch paper are perfectly legible and can be used for study purposes or obtaining bids from boatbuilders and suppliers.

The plans contain enough information to build a complete boat, but some minor construction details are left to the builder. The designs are kept simple enough to be built by a small professional shop or a skilled amateur boat builder. Students of yacht design will find the drawings useful as informative examples of the trade.

Construction of the first K-5m 28 foot full displacement sailing yacht has begun; details are on the Building the "Pintail" page.

The Naval Architect's Notebook link contains free information and example calculations including weight estimate, scantling determination, stability report, fairing a sailboat hull with Rhino 3D software, how to build a display hull model, and an Excel spreadsheet based VPP. The Free K-28 Plans download page has a link to free Mold Construction drawings and CNC Pattern DXF files.

Click on the list below for descriptions of the designs and a link to PDF downloads.

By downloading plans or other information from this site you accept all responsibility for their use. You also agree that you are solely responsible for anything that happens as a result of your acquiring the plans or other information.

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